We have a great new product in our office. ProFuse has been flying off the shelf. It is a great tasting protein drink that is high in Vitamins B12 and D3. The drink helps people lose weight and gives you a non-caffeinated boost of energy.
Dr. Mark Koldenhoven
Injury and Recovery Center, Chicago, IL
Dear ProFuse,
“We’re supposed to feel older as we age. I just had a birthday and thanks to ProFuse, I’m feeling younger than ever!”
“If someone has asked me 25 years ago how I’d feel in my mid 50′s I’d have said old. I expect to feel worse as I age. But ProFuse has changed all that – I feel great!”
Robert, age 52
“I love Orchid Island Lemonade mixed with berry ProFuse! It’s perfect after a round of golf with my girlfriends. The vitamins and protein replenish my energy and I feel great!”
“The energy I get from ProFuse is just what I need to keep going all day. Best of all, it tastes great and is so easy to use.”

Laura, age 37, Miami, FL

Dear ProFuse,
While riding and racing in France this summer I had the opportunity to try your new product. I was very impressed to say the least! ProFuse has the quality protein I need while doing endurance cycling events. With excellent taste and no messy powders to mix with water, I just poured the suggested amounts into my water bottles and I was good to go.

Pro-Fuse was particularly useful when I raced the Etape Du Tour, which was a 184 km race over three mountain passes, for a total of 14,000 ft of climbing. ProFuse was simple to add regularly to my water bottle. The protein from ProFuse kept my strength and endurance high for the entire race.

Finishing strong that day would have been difficult without ProFuse. Thanks again for producing such a simple and effective product.

Warm Regards
Kevin Cusack


“My goal was to lose 20 pounds before my son’s wedding. I used ProFuse as a partial lunch substitute and in just 30 days, I had lost 17 pounds without changing my daily routine. I’m now down 23 pounds overall. ”
“I’ve started to exercise again and the extra energy I get from ProFuse is amazing. The best part is that I still eat the foods I love, just in smaller portions.”

“ProFuse tastes better than any other protein supplement I’ve tried.”

Ken K., age 52, Park City, UT.


“I have been using ProFuse for six weeks and have lost almost 20 pounds. My doctor is very happy with my current test results and even lessened one of my daily diabetes medicines.”

“A small amount every morning and I have basically stopped snacking between meals. The benefits for me have been wonderful.”

Doug L., age 80, Detroit, MI.